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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

TuPac is Alive

The CIA has hired someone to write interesting and sometimes hilarious tweets for them. Such as last year, when they said, "We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet." On July 7th 2014, they tweeted "No, we do not know where Tupac is." The reason they wrote this was because, if Tupac were going to come back, that would have been the day. (Explanation for that is towards the bottom of the post.) Tupac, hiding out - still alive? Sounds like the pathetic hopes of desperate fans. But when I started researching the evidence I found it to be very convincing.

You have to be somewhat fanatical to actually research the details of the death, but if you follow him in the slightest, four things occurred over the years that left you scratching your head, thinking, "That's really odd. Could he be alive?" - which is why the general public has actually accepted it as a possible theory. The first incident was the release of the music video "I Ain't Mad at Cha"  days after his death, recreating his death and showing him in heaven.

The second peculiar thing was that, year after year, they kept releasing new albums from him. His voice is unmistakable. After a while it became difficult to believe that he had that many albums unreleased before his death.

The third head-scratching-event was the song "God Bless the Dead" which came out in November of 1998: two years after Tupac died and a year and a half after Notorious BIG died. In this song Tupac says "Rest in peace, my m*********** Biggie Smalls." Notorious BIG, Tupac's biggest rival, and hip-hop's greatest loss outside of Tupac, was originally named Biggie Smalls and everyone knew this. This statement was explained away by saying that Tupac had another friend named Biggie Smalls who had died a long time ago.

The fourth thing that fueled rumors of his being alive was his performance in 3-D hologram at the 2012 Coachella concert. Just watching it is mesmerizing, but from a purely analytic standpoint, technology isn't at the level yet of being to produce that from mere video footage. There has to be a stand-in actor to create it. Also he says "Coachella": meaning that to create that there had to be an identical look-alike and a voice-doppelganger.

Let's get to the nitty gritty.

Major evidence:

  • The height and weight on the coroner's report are not even close to accurate for Tupac. A family friend happened to do the autopsy and then promptly retired.
  • The picture of the autopsy is missing his most recent tattoo.
  • Tupac was reportedly doing well and about to be released from the hospital. The next day he died. The following day he was cremated (very unusual for an open murder investigation).
  • There were supposedly 1000 sightings of him in Haiti, called in to the police, in the days following his death.

Possible motives:
  • Evade impending jail sentence
  • Evade death. In his thug-life code the first rule he wrote was, "All new Jacks to the game must know: a) He's going to get rich. b) He's going to jail. c)He's going to die." Tupac was smart. He knew he wasn't invincible. He had already been shot five times. 
  • Make a splash by coming back
  • Outwit his enemies as Machiavelli advised in the book The Art of War
  • But most of all, he was tired. His mother explained in this video: "He was tired of fighting, tired of being vilified, tired of being called things that he knew inside himself he was unable to be..."

Was it plausible?

  • This, to me, is what convinced me that he is alive: because they had the means to pull it off. Tupac's entire family was heavily rooted in the Black Panther party. In November of 1979, Tupac's aunt, Assata Shakur, was busted from the prison in which she was serving a life-sentence.  Despite being one of the FBI's most wanted, she was never caught and in 1984 she was granted asylum by Cuba, where she still lives today. If they could do that, then, yes, with all his money and connections, Tupac could too. If he is alive, it is assumed that he is in Cuba.

Then there's this...
  • If you rearrange the letters of the title of the album released days after his death it says: "OK on tha 7th u think I'm dead, yet I'm really alive" .
  • His memorial services were canceled without explanation.
  • He always wore a bulletproof vest... except that evening.
  • He asked his body guard to go in a different car that night.
  • He was shot 4 times but the person sitting next to him was "grazed once".
  • The album that was released a few weeks after his death did not anywhere say, "RIP Tupac Shakur  1971-1996."  It did, however say, "Exit 2Pac. Enter Makaveli." He chose this name based on the 16th Century philosopher and war strategist, Machiavelli, who advocated staging ones death to evade one's enemies.
  • The cover of that album was Tupac on a cross.
  • The music video in that album, "Hail Mary" features a cracked gravestone that says "Makaveli" and there was a hole in front of it. 
  • In 1997 Tupac raps alongside Scarface in a video, featuring him crucified, falling and then getting up. 
  • There are innumerable quotes from Tupac of him rapping about his death and/or resurrection. Like, "I've been shot and murdered", "But I'm back reincarnated", "Fans can't understand my ghetto slang, so I evade and plot and plan a life of better things", "I heard rumors that I died, murdered in cold blood, truamatized pictures of me in my final state. You know mamma cried. But that was fiction. Some coward got the story twisted.", "evade the cops cuz I know they coming for me. I been hesitant to reappear, been away for years", "brother getting shot, coming back resurrected".

Why return July 7, 2014?
Tupac was really into numerology. Seven was his number. In my opinion there is a good chance Tupac is alive. If I had to put a number on it I would say a 77% chance. 
That said, there is barely any chance of him coming back. Because if he were going to, last Monday would have been the day. The number of that date was 7-7-7 (2+0+1+4). Tupac was into numerology and he has left an enormous amount of hints of the importance of the number seven. Also, Makaveli, the identity he took on the album immediately succeeding his death, was a character who faked his own death and came back at the age of 43, which is the age that Tupac was on that date. Also 4+3=7.

The main argument I had against his death being faked was that he had too much to say. He was too much of a civil rights leader to be silenced! As I wrote this blog post I found that those beliefs of mine only gave credence to the faked death theory. It struck me as I typed what his mother said, "He was tired of being called things that he knew inside himself he was unable to be." 


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