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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Hampshire Primary

I was very excited to see the results!
Romney coming in first was to be expected but I was psyched that Ron Paul had a good showing and came in second! and absolutely thrilled that Huntsman came in third because in this quiz a lot of people match with Huntsman  - Democrats and Republicans alike. Yet "no one has heard of him" which is how his commercial ends around here... "How come we haven't heard of him?" So to hear that he is up and coming and THANK GOODNESS beating Santoro, makes me very happy. Honestly, I would be OK with Obama, Romney, Paul or Huntsman being our president so we are on the right track.

If that confuses you, let me explain... They each possess a little something that I believe in. Which is why I need to run for president so I can have it all.

With Obama- well, I'm a liberal democrat so he's my first choice. My vote really goes to healthcare policy more than anything.

With Romney- well he was a really good governor to my state. I trust his business sense. And his universal health care here in Massachusetts rocks.

With Huntsman: Like I was saying- So many others and I matched up with him, I just feel like he's a good, solid, middle of the road candidate.

Ron Paul - There's two halves to libertarianism in my mind. Keeping the government out of MY life. Heck yeah. I support that 100%. And keeping the government out of, well... everything else. I disagree vehemently there. I believe we take care of our own (social liberalism) and regulate the bleep out of corporations. So with Ron Paul I support 1/2 of his goal and feel like our country has strayed so far from that goal that we need someone radical like Paul to take us back, or at least bring light to the problem. There are other things he believes that are"outside the box" that I like about him. His theories on Iran, the CIA, the federal reserve, etc. I like that he doesn't just buy what the media tells.

Some of the personal freedoms that we need to go back to: (I've said them before but I don't feel like it can get discussed enough and these are specific examples of why I could support Paul despite being a liberal democrat)

  • Homeschooling rights
  • Take the power back from child protective services
  • Open-carry gun laws for all states (I believe this will reduce crime)
  • Raw milk freedom
  • Freedom to "play with" fireworks
  • Freedom to not wear a seat-belt if so inclined
  • Nurse Practitioners free from Physician oversight
  • Selling food! I want to sell pizza to my neighbors but it's not allowed from a residential kitchen.
  • Marijuana- Keeping this illegal is funding the Mexican drug war which is getting very serious and out of control and hurting our borders. Plus a waste of our taxpayer money and resources, contributing to overcrowded jails.
(Most of these, by the way are currently in place in good ole New Hampshire, of which I'm 30 miles to the south. Why don't I live there? )

Other personal freedoms, I'm not sure why Ron Paul doesn't support are abortion and gay marriage. (Both legal in NH though).

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