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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Drama from a few years ago explained

Wow. When I went to the grocery store today and saw the headline my jaw dropped.  It was: Freedom of the press? Middlesex Community College professor begs to differ.

 And then it talks about how the president of MCC tries to control all press about the college and how she tried to control and eventually shut down the school paper. 

the administration engaged in a premeditated crusade to silence young journalists who wrote openly about school actions that sometimes proved embarrassing to the administration.
According to Sergi, the first sign of discontent came in 1991, a year after Cowan became president. An editorial in The Campus Report, written by student Erin Grady, questioned the fairness of the school's decision to purchase buildings on Middle Street in Lowell to house its Allied Health and Science programs. Nine options were considered by the state Division of Capital Planning and Operations, and Grady had her doubts about the figures being used for the cost of renovations that favored a certain location.

This feels like a vindication for me, as I was harrassed for my blogging about MCC.  It happened on two occasions several months apart. The first was when I blogged from China about prostitutes. And the second was my personal blog in which I vented about the errors they were teaching us in Nursing classes. Yes, they were unflattering reflections on the college. But you know what? It was freedom of speech. My China blog was deleted.  I was intimidated by the dean to remove my personal blog pieces from the internet. I absolutely felt like a line had been crossed. 

And now I see that it wasn't my imagination. This was an underlying problem. 

The post that got deleted from the MCC china blog.

A post and another one a third and a fourth that the dean of Nursing found to be inappropriate and threatened me that I was "violating the Nursing code of ethics".


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