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Saturday, October 16, 2010

punishments that fit the crime

One of the tenets of Grace Based Discipline is finding punishment to match the crime.  Sometimes you really have to think about it.  In two recent incidents with Dimitri I have determined that the most appropriate punishment was an apology. The first circumstance was when Dimitri and some of the neighbor kids were throwing rocks at house and they told me that a man came out a threatened to call 911.  I took Dimitri to his door and apologized with him.  Actually, sort of, for him.  But he was humiliated enough that the punishment stuck.  The second time was today.  We had gone shopping for a birthday present for a classmates birthday party and he wanted a toy too, but I wouldn't buy him one.  When I wasn't looking, at home, he opened the toy and played with it.  I'll be able to put it back in the packaging, but for the punishment I'm going to have him apologize to the boys mother for opening the toy.  He is absolutely mortified by the prospect, which makes the punishment oh, so, effective.  

I'm going to copy and paste this post into my post about Grace Based Discipline which I have completely revised and put on my Thinking Forum blog.  I invite you to read it at


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