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Sunday, August 08, 2010

The move!

We moved to a townhouse and it's so beautiful.  I'm so happy.  And it's smack in the middle of Lowell, which is really important to me since I'm  so passionate about city design and being able to bike everywhere.  The paint job in the place is phenomenal.  Our room is this gorgeous deep red.
We have a $4000 Mahogany four-poster bed we just purchased for $325.  And the reason it was so cheap was that it was on the third floor of a very very small apartment with the narrowest of stair cases and we had to remove it ourselves.  It's, of course, heavy and an absolute logic puzzle to get it out of there.  Definitely, worth it though.  I feel like a queen when I wake up in the morning in this room.

The boys live in an awesome "bachelor pad" in the basement, which is two floors down from me, which means I get some peace and quiet!  It has these humongous superheros sketched out on the wall, so I'm going to paint them in and then we'll paint the rest of the room a color.

Also, it means that I have a free room to decorate for Saphira.  And it's blue in case my next baby is a boy.  (Someday.  I'm not pregnant).  I have all these ideas.  I want to put our dollhouse in the middle.  My Grandpa made it for me and my mom and I collect items for it.  It's to-die-for.  And I want a dress up corner.  I have a fabulous dress up collection.  Mostly ninja costumes from Halloween, ha ha.  But nothing a few princess dresses won't balance out.  Also, silkies, which is really hot among my crunchy friends.  My mom made them for Saphira's second birthday.  Isn't she the best?

I also fantasize about a ballet bar and mirror.  My sister in law Jen* asked if I dream of her becoming a ballerina and I said that actually, not really, more gymnastics, but you can't really do a gymnastics corner, but  she pointed out that I could.  And we thought of putting in a small, just-off -the-ground balance beam and I started envisioning teaching her how to do forward and backward rolls on it, cartwheels and split leaps, full turns and someday front walk-overs and front tucks and back-handsprings and back-tucks.  I know I could teach all that if she were interested. Or I could just practice all that myself.  ha ha.  Actually, that is a very successful method of teaching a child.  That's how the Suzuki method works in teaching violin. Although, in my opinion the method has really fallen away from it's traditional successful roots. 

Speaking of music.  I should have a music corner in which I play the flute.  Maybe a stuffed animal/doll corner?  Damn this will be a nice room.  Of course there is only so much I could put in the room.  I don't know what will make the cut. 

Other nice things about the apartment: no cockroaches (which is something to be said in Lowell), central air, a balcony and grill the landlord left for us, a laundry room (!), and indoor storage for our bikes.  I'm starting to feel like we made it.  After years of struggling and just time after time of bad luck and getting screwed by life, I feel like we finally got our break.  Not only did we move to this nice place, but in three days I start my new job as a nurse.  I worked my butt off for this degree but then the economy tanked and I couldn't find a job.  After all that excruciating hard work in the hopes of a guaranteed good paying job- it just seemed like the ultimate unfairness.  And that was on top of what seemed like endless life oppression.  When we first got married our rent was $350.  In three years the going price of a two bedroom had tripled.  And unlike the generation just ten years older than us, we weren't lucky enough to ride the wave of home equity.  Sorry.  I digress.  That's a big pet peeve of mine.  How my generation got screwed. 

The move went well.  I'm so proud to say that we can pack, move and unpack in two days and with only a pick up truck.  This time was even more impressive because we did it in 2 1/2 days with a break in the middle, in which Timmy practiced for his crew team competition at the S.E. Asian water festival and I went door to door asking for donations in exchange for tomatoes.** and I washed nearly every item of clothing in the house.***  It's a testament to my decluttering and simple living, especially considering we're a family of six.   Sometimes I need to be reminded of that because often there is just stuff everywhere and I feel like such a failure in that manner (case in point: the clothes story at the bottom of the page).  Speaking of which, my friend did this awesome thing.  See, she had a baby boy and got tons of outfits for him from the baby shower.  And now she's having another boy and she pruned the closet down to seven outfits- one for every day of the week.  I think that's genius and want to do that for everyone in the family.  It wasn't possible before without a washer/dryer, but it is now.

While cleaning up the old place I was patching some holes in the walls using this foam filler.  It comes out like shaving cream and then hardens like Styrofoam.  I was smoothing it over with my fingers and I asked Timmy if that was OK as I did it and he yelled back from across the apartment that it was.  And then when I was done I went to the sink to wash it off and it didn't come off.  Yeah.  Not cool.  I tried soap and water. Lime juice.  Salt.  The bottle said to use gloves and if it gets on the skin use soap and water.  Why didn't I read the bottle first?  So I called poison control and they had no suggestions.  And in the meantime it's hardening all over my hands.  They look disease ridden and I start my new job as a nurse in three days!!!! So I'm kind of freaking out.  And I look it up online (apparently there are lots of other idiots like myself who have done this) and the unanimous answer is that you have to let it wear off as the skin sloughs off!  The good news is that apparently skin sloughs at a rather quick pace, so I'm crossing my fingers that three days should be enough.   From now on, when I'm sweeping and vacuuming all the crappy dust I will never be bothered by it again, as it is the shed skin that once saved my job.  Pumice stone is apparently helpful but I'm not using a pumice stone on my hands (the back of them anyway).  Come Tuesday night I might be desperate enough though. In the mean time, my hands are living breathing pumice stones.

*who helped us move and made us a gorgeous cake as a move-in gift.

**which was completely unsuccessful.  The first four doors no one answered.  And the next two they didn't want any tomatoes.  So I gave up.  On the positive side, I did get to see a woman recovering from a nose job.  Very interesting.

***  the background story to that is that when I found out we were going to move, three weeks ago, I stopped hanging up the laundry- figuring we'd just bag it or put it in boxes anyway.  But then as the weeks dragged on we started going through it for clothes (wasting an enormous amount of time, btw) and eventually throwing them everywhere and stepping on them.  So when we moved I didn't even bother trying to sort the "clean" from the dirty.  I just washed it all and hung it up as it came out of the dryer.  It's a nice fresh start to our new life here anyway.


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