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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I want this so badly!!

As my close friends know, I'm not a materialistic person. Quite the opposite, I prefer pure simplicity and being somewhat of a socialist, believe that I should share my wealth with the poor.  So it is a rare thing for me to drool over an object.  But thisThis I want!

It is the newest, coolest scanner which is designed to create the ever elusive paperless office!!! It's called ScanSnap. It detects different sized papers: regular 8 by 11, receipts, business cards, etc.  It comes with special software to catalog your material (including one that automatically transfers business card data to your contact book!).  You could potentially scan your entire file cabinet and throw it away!!!!

I, being a passionate decluttering, have strong opinions on paper clutter.  Here is my other post on it for some background.  Ironically I was just about to redo my file cabinet.  When I do that I get a whole new bunch of folders and a label maker.  I label them all in order with tabs neatly arranged into left, middle, right.  It's very satisfying.  And while I'm at it I go through and thin them.


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