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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bipolar depression

There's this ad for a depression medication in which it shows depressed people with blank faces and the background talking says things like "I don't feel like doing anything" "I'm tired all the time".  "I have aches and pains" and there's another ad in which the depressed person is kind of see-through so he/she blends in with the background, representing the nothingness/worthlessness the person feels. 

Well, let me tell you: bipolar depression is a whole other ball game.  Those ads don't even come close to describing it.  Here's what a bipolar depression ad would sound like:

"My thoughts race."
"I feel like killing myself."
"I'll do anything to make the pain go away.  Cut myself.  Drink.  Anything"
"I breath shallowly.  I breath fast.  I breath slow.  I can't breath normally because I'm so upset."
"The devil whispers things in my ear.  Suggestions on how to kill myself."
"I go into a catatonic state."
"I go into a manic state."
"I imagine myself in fantasy situations to get away from life."
"I want to kill people because this must be their fault."
"This must be because my life is so hard or because of a certain circumstance.  This can't be because of a disease or a chemical imbalance in my brain."
"I want to die."
So that's real depression for ya.  Make a commercial of that, pharmaceutical companies.  I dare you.


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