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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


We saw a rainbow on the way to the farm. Dimitri wanted to look for the pot of gold. I told him it was a myth. Strangely, I've heard songs about rainbows a lot over the past few days. Cue the twilight music. My mom would just say that "I'm just more aware of it" but I don't think so.

When we got out of the Mango (that's what we call our Dodge Durango) a fellow farmer met me and said that our field had been ravaged by the turkeys. Terror filled my heart as I headed to the field. All that work! It could be gone in an instant! For one minute I actually felt sympathy for my mean old neighbor who killed my bunny. I used to let my bunny wander the back yard and it would sneak under the fence and eat my neighbors garden.

Thankfully the field was OK. Only about a half dozen plants had been eaten. It was kind of cute. They were all in a row. All their stems bitten off. You could just imagine the creature munching on them. I kind of hope they were the deer and not the turkey. Deer are cuter. I got word that they've put up electric fencing since then. Hopefully that will take care of it.



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