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Monday, June 28, 2010

Mistakes I've made along the way

Some things I will do differently next year:
  1. Start (nearly) every plant in the greenhouse in early spring
  2. Buy gardening gloves
  3. While I'm planting the seedlings in the plastic, straighten out the drip tape so it goes right down the middle
  4. Not kill the ladybugs!
  5. Buy all the seeds in late winter.  This year I didn't get the watermelon in because we never had the money for the seeds!.  :(  But really.  If there's a will there's a way.  You just have to MAKE a way.  It reminds me of a Jeanette Oak novel I read when I was a kid, in which the impoverished farming family endured three years of no water.  And on that third or fourth year they had no money but the mom sold her precious heirloom china to buy seeds to plant in the hopes that this would be the year that the rains came.  And they did.
  6. Put the bags of fertilizer in individual garbage bags.  We stacked them up on a tarp this year and covered them with another tarp, but they still managed to get wet.  Some of the bags are falling apart and the fertilizer inside is rotting.  Also, sometimes when I come, the tarp is pulled back.  I don't know if it's the wind or an animal.  Is there a creature that could possibly like to eat fertilizer??  If it's a human I don't really mind.  I'm a very "mi casa, su casa" kind of person.  If someone needs to borrow something of mine they are welcome to it.  And if they want it and I don't need it they are welcome to it too.



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