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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Planning for the future

My bff and I, (two young women who I consider to be very successful) both, every once in a while, make a time-line for ourself with goals and the breakdown to achieve said goals. She's gotten her bachelors, as a single mom, and I got my RN degree, among other achievements.

Last night on American Idol, one of the contestants, Mike, was saying that he had made the goal, a year ago, of making the top three in American Idol. He's in the top four right now, and I'm fairly certain he'll come in second place. Wow. I thought that was a powerful testament to the power of goal planning and positive thinking. So, I'm inspired to set some new goals for myself. Like, get back to 140 lbs, live comfortably/not behind on the bills (which is totally doable since hubby just got a job!!!), maybe get my masters degree and have another baby.

I remember looking back at past goal charts. Some of them never happened, like buying an apartment building. But it doesn't mean the goal wasn't a worthy one, it just wasn't the right one for the right time in my life. There were more important experiences I needed in this University of Life. God knew that and he put those experiences in my life, ahead of my cute little goal time-lines.

Edited to add: Several hours after writing this Mike was cut from American Idol, at #4. Lesson there? Even the best planning can't guarantee the future.

On an unrelated note: check out this kid.


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