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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ugh! I hate that!

I'm writing an article for publication. I wrote the whole thing out in scribble at my job at the laundromat. And then I came home and typed it up. And it took a long time, I did a lot of cleaning up of the piece.

I woke up this morning and opened it and it was gone except for a couple of sentences!!!! I was so afraid that would happen so I saved it every couple of minutes. I wanted to save it on blogger because that's the only way it's guaranteed safe, but the internet was down on that computer. Thank God I have the scribble still. I looked on clipboard and it's not there. I'll have Timmy do a search because he's more tech savvy, but it looks pretty grim. I'm so mad!!!!

I try to look on the bright side whenever that happens. I tell myself that it was meant to be- maybe even a God intervention- because the second time I write it, it will turn out to be even better. (This is often the case for me). In fact, that is actually plausible, given the fact that I'm about to turn the Christian world on its head with this article. Ha ha. I'm serious though. So maybe God wants me to get it just right. But mostly I'm just mad. Because I spent a great deal of time on it and neglected my kids all evening. grrrrrrrr.

Oh, by the way, I sold my first article!!!!! I was going to wait until it was published to declare it here, but this seems like an appropriate time to make the announcement. It's an article extolling the learning value of video games and it will be in the July/August issue of Home Education magazine. It has inspired me to really pursue this writing passion of mine. I have already sent another query to a magazine and when I'm done with this one I will send a query to Christianity Today. I have several other completed articles and several more in my head. The thing that makes me a unique (and wonderful, IMNSHO)writer is that all of my articles are completely fresh. I have never read the ideas I've presented in my articles before. They are full of references and facts, so not BS, but they are my own unprecedented thoughts. Well, this last one, I have to give credit to my Gentle Christian Mother friends who entertained years of stimulating conversation on the subject. And I especially have to give credit to Emily, who made the statement that caused the turning point in my opinion. The rest of the article though, is mine, in the sense that I put together years of deep thoughts and a variety of opinions. I can't say what the article topic is, but Emily knows. wink.

Speaking of turning-point-moments in debate: I have reversed my opinion, in a dramatic fashion on a number of subjects in recent years. (which led to my changing political party). It's fascinating to note that there was an actual turning point; A single statement by someone that caused this about-face. Often it was years of debate and reading that led up to that moment. And not necessarily a slow deterioration of my beliefs. But, as an extremely logical person, often it was just one single assertion that I had to agree was inarguable. One point that broke down my entire argument.

For this reason, I am a big fan of online debate. Some think it is a waste of time; that everyone walks away upset and digs their heels in even more on their point of view. But I am proof that it is not a waste of time. That a single debate falls immensely short of the capacity to change someones mind, but it plants a small seed that can lead, down the road, to a change of opinion.

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