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Friday, April 02, 2010

Quick Rant

Just wanted to rant quickly here. Sorry. But I hate Focus on the Family. I hate them so much I can't even put into words.... For starters there's all the gay bashing and lies that James Dobson wrote in his books. Disagree with me? I'll pull out the quotes for you.

But that's not why I'm ranting. I'm ranting because I'm still on their email list (mostly, I'll admit, to keep an eye on their unscrupulous ways). And every email I get anymore is about how the government has turned it's back on the Lord's ways with this health care bill. Well, EXCUSE ME, Focus on the Family, when did you become the chosen interpreter for the Lord?? Here's a quote from today's email:

"As we engage the national discussion of social policy, our faith remains rooted in our eternal and all-powerful Heavenly Father, who is the Creator of all life, and is the reason we work to promote and support His design for the family."

"His design for the family" of course being no national healthcare, since that's all they seem to talk about any more.

Then they come out and bold face lie (literally. In bold face) "
the new law authorizes the largest expansion of abortion availability since the Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand in 1973."

A good majority of the Bible is instructions on caring for the poor, the widows, the children, the orphans, the weak, the poor in spirit... How on earth can Christians not support UHC? Or at the very least, how can they speak unequivocally against it as opposed to admitting that this is a gray area for Christians? I know why they can't. Because back in 2000 when Bush was elected for the second time by the narrowest of margins, the consensus seemed to be, among political analysists, that it was the "morality vote" that pushed his victory over the edge. And I, admittedly was one of those votes, back when I was a Republican and the big concern at that time, among Christians, was that a Supreme Court Justice was about to retire and we needed a Pro-Life judge in there. And Focus on the Family was one of the major groups getting out the word and the vote. So after that election, contribution money just poured into Focus on the Family for their political branch; which, as a result, became a large powerful off shoot of the company. And basically, it's fed by Republican dollars so it is puppeteered by the Republican party. That makes me sick. Because Focus on the Family is supposed to be a Christ centered organization and they have totally sold out to the almighty dollar.

And that reminds me of another distasteful story from FOF past. I remember when I was a little girl James Dobson would say that he never asks for money because if there isn't enough funds than it's God's way of closing doors. And that they will follow God's lead. But then, I can't remember when, but I think maybe after 9/11 when all the non-profits took a really hard hit, Focus on the Family started begging for money like you wouldn't believe. And they never stopped. It's just disgusting.

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