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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

US Sitting on Mother Lode....

I saw this article online yesterday. It says that we're sitting on rare metals crucial to technology. Stuff that is almost a necessity, in this day and age, and the earth is quickly running out of. It says
"the U.S. holds rare earth ore reserves of up to 13 million metric tons. By contrast, the entire world produced just 124,000 metric tons in 2009"

Wow! That's amazing!! What good news for our country! But we must be very careful to avoid "Dutch Disease" which happens when a valuable natural resource is found. When this happens there can be a manufacturing decrease, there is inflation and we become unstable with price fluctuation of said commodity. The way to prevent Dutch Disease is to control a steady influx of income, maintain a budget surplus and invest in the future, like education of youth and bla bla bla. If you want to read all the boring details here's a link.

In Africa there is a supply of tech-metals that is fueling wars and terror and cruelty. Just like the blood diamonds. It's so frustrating to watch. They have this incredible poverty. And they have these incredible resources that could help lift them out of poverty, but then the corruption turns into a hugely negative thing!! And as a responsible human being you shouldn't buy these items in good conscience. Yet, if we could buy these things- without the corruption- it would be a wonderful contribution to lesson suffering. What a tragedy.

While I'm on the subject of blood diamonds: kudos to my friend Ruth, whose engagement ring is NOT a diamond, being the sensitive and brilliant woman she is (and her husband, Chester).

Also, what was up with Oprah giving diamond earrings out at The Legends Ball- where she gathered 25 amazing black women to celebrate their accomplishments?!

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