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Sunday, March 14, 2010

my niece and son

My niece came over last night. She and Dimitri (the same age) had a blast. They totally trashed the house. But I didn't mind because I was just being lazy, sitting around reading My Life Outside the Ring, by Hulk Hogan. It's fascinating. They colored and played with cars and online games. Malyna found this little packet of math games Dimitri brought home from school and we played for an long time. My sister in law gave us money for a pizza so we ordered online and Dominos has this cool display that shows what is happening to your pizza. Like "Jahara is prepping your pizza" and "Jahara is cooking your pizza" and at the end "Kevin is delivering your pizza". Every few minutes the kids checked on the status. And when Kevin delivered the pizza I gave him a dollar for Jahara too. :)

In regards to the Hulk Hogan book: It is a tragic, tragic tale of the destruction of a beautiful, long marriage. And what makes it so awful is that I'm 100% convinced it is rooted in Linda's undiagnosed bipolar. I mean, it's clear as night and day from the descriptions of her behavior. If she had been diagnosed ten years ago the marriage could have been saved!!! She could have gotten treatment. And Terry (the Hulk) could have been more understanding and less hurt by her behavior. But as it is, I believe it is irreparable. Terry has moved on and has a new love, of two years, in his life. Who knows though.

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