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Thursday, February 18, 2010

News Stories You Might Not Read

I'm following two important news stories that won't get much coverage.

Mass Deportation
The first is a policy in Thailand that is set to take affect February 28th which will result in the deportation of potentially thousands of Cambodians, Laos, and Myanmars. The Thai cabinet passed a resolution that would extend work permits of migrants for two years, provided they submit biographical information to their home government. On it's face, this seems somewhat reasonable, but the result- a mass deportation of impoverished people, back to unstable countries- is inhumane and will cause uncountable hardships. I will be watching this. It's the sort of situation that makes me sad that I am not yet rich, because, if this goes through, there will need to be some serious safety nets in place to prevent considerable human suffering.

Faked Research
As a medical scientist, this absolutely infuriates me. This dude fabricated research in some or all of the 21 articles published since 1996. Pfizer is behind this. Which doesn't surprise me. If you recall, I made a list of the four most evil corporations back in October of last year and Pfizer was number 2. This guy could get ten years in jail for this. A part of me thinks that isn't nearly enough. But another part of me thinks that I am displacing my anger against the whole industry onto this one man. The way the pharmaceutical industry is influencing healthcare in this country (world?) is immoral. It is the same problem as corporation influence in politics. I'm not sure which is worse. (Maybe it is equal).

In a related story
, the Lancet withdrew the research paper that started the whole autism/vaccine link controversy.

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