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Thursday, February 04, 2010

mystery solved. ER rant

Eight years ago I called 911 because of severe flu like symptoms. What happened next was a nightmare because the EMT's just blew off my symptoms, really treated me like I was acting like a baby- and then because my house was a mess took my babies. (It was a mess because I was a single mom who had been sick for three days!!!!!) It was totally illegal. They were supposed to call social workers. And, by the way, the social workers immediately gave me back my kids and told me I should sue!!!

At the hospital, I was also treated with disdain, because they assumed I was some sort of neglectful mother. It was awful. I literally fought with them to give me a drug test because I wanted to prove, in case it was ever suspected, that I was NOT on drugs, I was genuinely sick.

Anyway, one of the mysteries from that visit, is that during the time that I spent alone in the little ER room, I had a spell of severe restlessness. I just couldn't get comfortable! It was awful. Much worse than it sounds. It was like a severe pain- only not actual pain, if that makes sense. I never knew what was wrong. And the nurses never checked on me so they had no idea.

In my nursing class right now (I'm working on my bachelors) we are talking about trauma and one of the symptoms of hypoxia (low oxygen to the brain) is restlessness! Mystery solved! I was hypoxic. Now why I was hypoxic is still a bit of a mystery. I could have been dehydrated. Or maybe my blood sugar dropped dangerously low. Or experiencing acidosis. I don't know. Whatever it was, my body corrected it in about a half hour. If I was dehydrated, I don't know, maybe it squeezed some water out of my urine, or something? If I was hypoglycemic, maybe my liver or muscles released some glucose. If I was acidic, my kidneys produced bicarbonate. Could it have been septic shock? I doubt my body could have overcome that in such a short period.

Very weird.

But, once again, I am pissed that the ER failed me. If the nurses were doing their job monitoring me they could have diagnosed me and treated me.

One of the other times the ER failed me was when I went to the ER with a severe breast infection and they sent me home telling me I "had the flu". grrrrrr. That was a doctor fail. Not a nurse fail.

For the record: I know it's called the "Emergency Department" but I still use the term ER because that's what the public knows it as.

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