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Sunday, February 28, 2010

My brother's wedding!

My lil bro, Dave, got married yesterday, to Jackie. I'm so happy for them. I love her.

It was a big event. The stress of it all sent me into a swift bipolar cycle. Manic the first half of the day, depressed the second half of the day. It's fascinating to observe it, from a neutral standpoint. Actually, it helps me a lot, to know, logically, that these emotions aren't driven from the circumstances- as it feels- but rather- from my brain chemistry. All morning, I ran around the house like a mad woman, getting everyone ready. There was so much to do. During the depressive phase I cried twice. Once, when Jackie was walking down the isle and I was so touched that even though her father isn't alive, her brother was walking her down the isle. And the second time was at the reception out of frustration as I was pretty much set up to fail as a DJ. The background on this is that I've got years of experience DJing bar mitzvahs. My Dad got this awesome ipod professional mixer and I picked about 300 songs for me to play from. And my brother wanted us to play about 80 of his favorites. So it was supposed to be all set. But the second ipod didn't have my songs programmed on it!!!! I don't know if it was somehow overlooked in all the pre-wedding madness or if I was intentionally sabotaged because my brother only wanted me to play "his songs". I don't even want to know. But the result was that I couldn't play anyone's requests. I couldn't even play anything appropriate, which meant I looked like an idiot DJ. The second ipod had the most random stuff on it but when you DJ you need to go back and forth so I was pulling my hair out trying to find something appropriate to go to every other song. And there was no headset, which means you're basically going into it blindfolded. You can't tell how the beats are going to mix. And that's if you're lucky and know what the song sounds like. I didn't know how to cue the songs or light up the screen to see the song countdown- that part I'll take the blame for- I should have familiarized myself with the equipment. It was a nightmare. I finally broke down and walked away and just let my husband take over.

The rest of the wedding was nice though. My (other) sister in law- Jen made the wedding cake and oh my gosh, you would never know it wasn't professional. It was absolutely amazing.

I bought two edible arrangements, which is my guilty pleasure. I absolutely love those things but they are soooo expensive. My brother's wedding was a great excuse to splurge on them. They went incredibly fast. I didn't even get a chance to really admire them. When I looked up they were picked over. But I'm really happy they were enjoyed. That made it worth it.

The day before the wedding I was picking out a new pair of shoes. As I perused the isles, I, of course, thought of my philosophy that high heels are a form of oppression on women and I debated whether it would be hypocritical of me to get a (short) high heel because I did want to look very pretty. And I tried it on and decided that as long as it was decently comfortable, it would not compromise my morals much.

Weeelll, what I didn't realize was that a seven second walk on carpeting does NOT even REMOTELY equivocate seven hours of walking on hardwood floor. My feet were killing me. I have blisters on my toes. The balls of my feet hurt. And I couldn't walk any faster than a snails pace. It was awful! My impassioned belief in the evils of high heels have been renewed and as I drifted off to sleep last night and woke this morning I was designing in my head comfortable beautiful shoes for women. It can't be that hard to come up with!!!!

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