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Thursday, January 21, 2010

This woman is underpaid

I went to a story hour for toddlers at my local library. It was uh-mazing. This woman had it coordinated to the T. I've been to other story hour/toddler classes and they weren't nearly as good as this. She started by explaining to the parents the "rules" and she had a really good understanding of toddler behavior and age appropriate expectations. Her stories were very short, because obviously they have short attention spans. There were lots of rhymes, songs, felt board pictures, tapping drums, marching in circle, ringing bells, tossing a stuffed animal, saying animal noises, dancing with a scarf while listening to Vivaldi. There wasn't a moment to get bored. And the best part was that it was constant interaction between me and Saphira. I think her favorite part was when we had to give back the bells and scarfs and sing the clean up song. She's been cleaning up and singing the song all the time since then. Sooooo cute.

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