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Friday, January 29, 2010

Let's walk down memory lane: embarrasing moments from my past

When I was a freshman in highschool I was a cheerleader. At the pep-rally, in front of the whole school I ran out with the cheerleaders, did a round-off and fell flat on my butt. I've done probably 100,000 round-offs in my life but that's the only time I've ever fallen. Maybe the adrenaline made me take off at a different angle or something.

When I was a Sophmore, my family had moved so I was a new kid in school and didn't have any friends but I was trying to be friendly so I went to the big Thanksgiving football game and drew the school initials on my cheeks in lipstick. When I got home I realized that it was written in reverse because I drew it looking in the mirror. Nobody had said anything!!! Maybe they were just being polite. But I think they were just stuck up. I hated that school.

OK. I saved this for last because this one's the best. In fourth grade we moved from Michigan to Massachusetts. In Michigan I was one of the smartest in the class. In Massachusetts I struggled academically. One day I was tired of sitting there not knowing the answers. "When are they going to ask what the five great lakes are??" I thought to myself. "I know what the five great lakes are!" I got tired of waiting. So finally one day I raised my hand, randomly, and said that "I know what the five great lakes are". The teacher, kindly asked me what the five great lakes were. And this is the best part... I could only remember four of them!!!!!!!!!! The teacher asked if anyone knew the fifth. A boy raised his hand. To this day I still remember the one I missed: Lake Erie.



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