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Saturday, January 02, 2010

The childhood I want to create

When I think of a soothing home I really think of the mom's mood. She totally sets the tone for the home. Especially for young kids. I have fond memories of doing aerobics with my mom in the livingroom (is that why I became a fitness instructor?) and my mom playing the oboe. As a mom myself, I try to sing hymns around the house and -believe it or not- I know this seems the antithesis of that- dancing to hip-hop and rap with them. Ha ha. I play the flute. I jump on the mini trampoline with them. And the biggest one, I think, is cooking. The smell. The warmth from the oven. The taste of homecooked food. The love you feel when mommy cooks for you.
...which isn't to say that it's always like this. I screw up. A lot. But this is the ideal I shoot for.

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