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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Child Hunger Soaring in America

There has definitely been a "perfect storm" of factors that has created this generation that is unable to survive in lean times.

Some of the factors:

  • I read this awesome book about how convenience foods were introduced and pushed starting in the 50's. It's pretty and
  • Then there is the government subsidy of corn!!! (Creating super cheap junk food)
  • Let's talk about beans and rice. The classic staple foods. They get me by on many a lean weeks (like this week). One of the keys to that recipe though is fresh, bulk beans and rice. The older stuff doesn't cook right. And the small packages jack up the price. These staple foods are not available in your average grocery store. It is only available in ethnic areas that actually buy it on a regular basis. Supply and demand. But obviously that's a vicious cycle. Poor people don't have access to it. Poor people don't know how to cook it. Poor people don't buy it. So stores don't sell it. Round and round.
  • Grocery stores in impoverished areas have small, expensive selections of fruits and vegetables. Many poor people don't have transportation to access decent produce.
  • Most American's don't know how to farm. They don't know how to cook. They're trapped in this horrible position. Honestly, I don't blame them at all! This is second/third generational. These girls mothers never taught them these skills. You have to go out of your way to learn them.

Poor, uneducated, and low IQ people have every obstacle in the world. I only have sympathy for them.

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