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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

An anticlimactic election

Today was the big election. We're finding a replacement for our beloved Senator Ted Kennedy who passed away. It's actually a primary. But that's just a technicality because the Massachusetts Senate seat always goes Democrat. It's a rule.

I've been all pumped up to vote for Capuano. Telling everyone I know to vote for him. Excitedly watching the polling data. You get the idea. So this morning I strut into my precinct voting facility. I tell them my name and address. I collect my voting paper. And I look down in horror to see the names of two Republican candidates. I never changed my party registration!!!! Disappointed, I handed the paper back to the lady. She and the other volunteer looked startled and then tried to figure out what the protocol was to undo a voter check in.

Perhaps I got to vote anyway though. When I was at my sister in laws this morning I was chatting with an elderly Cambodian man. He barely spoke English. My husband was telling him that I was going to vote. He said he was too! Surprised and curious I asked him who he was voting for. His response was basically, "I have no idea". ha ha. I told him to vote for Mike.

In the end the race that I hoped would be tight ended up being a clean victory for Martha Coakley. Oh well. I hadn't gotten my hopes up toooo much, because the polls were showing a victory for her before hand. I am pleased to have a female representing us though. I mean, to have a female representing us after we attend to this minor detail of a thing called an "election". lol.



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