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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Reflecting on the newly passed healthcare bill

I have tears in my eyes.

It passed.

They still have to consolidate the House and Senate Bills and then it has to be signed. But it passed.

Major health care reform passed. No more "pre-existing conditions". No more health coverage denial. No more poverty excluding you from health care. And as if all that weren't enough, the icing on the cake is no government funded abortions. Did I just die and go to heaven?

This is the issue of my generation. When my Dad didn't understand why I became a Democrat he said to me that sometimes there are things you just can't compromise on and those things effect who we vote for. He was talking about abortion. I said, "Dad, health care is that issue for me".

I have friends who struggle to pay for medicine, and even self medicate because they don't have insurance. They are the reasons I am so passionate about this subject.

My history with this bill goes back to Clinton in 1993. That's when I first became passionate about politics. I listened to Rush Limbaugh every day. I believed all the lies about Universal Health Care. I was young and impressionable.

But then I grew up and I decided that my parents generation had made a big mistake by not supporting this when it went through on their watch. But I wasn't going to make the same mistake. I campaigned for Obama, on the promise of Health care reform. I held signs and visited senators. And now that I'm a nurse I'm going to volunteer at a free clinic at a local Jewish temple. There is no subject I feel more strongly about.

So, needless to say, I am misty eyed today.



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