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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Racist cops: still alive and well

My husband and brother in law and cousin drove from Florida to Massachusetts with a U haul full of stuff from storage. (My brother in law recently moved back here). They got pulled over on the highway because they had a padlock on the back! (jawdrop) He asked if he could search it- which, by the way, is totally illegal. They obliged. He checked it out and then made a hasty u-turn so they couldn't write down his license.

This next story I actually think is a little more amusing because it was more of a genuine mistake as opposed to the straight up racial profiling and illegal action that happened to my husband...

Yesterday I saw more cops in one place than ever before in my life. Just fifteen feet in front of my window. 7 police cars with lights flashing. 1 undercover police vehicle. 4 police motorcycles. All surrounding two black men who were being patted down. But after about ten minutes all the police left except for two and the men. I overheard some laughing and one of the cops said, "this will make a good story for Thanksgiving". ha ha. The police then congregated down the street. Apparently there had been some sort of tip and the unfortunate two black men fit the description.

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