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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My daughter

Not talking about the Patriots. Not thinking about the Patriots...

So about my daughter. She's one and a half. She's such a little girl!! She likes to pick out her own clothes. Sometimes she won't let me put anything on her unless she picked it out. Which is sooo cute but also sometimes annoying. Like when she picks out two shirts and then throws a fit because she doesn't understand the concept of shirts on top and pants on the bottom. lol.

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  • At 12:23 PM, Blogger Michelle74 said…

    Wow, your princess is already 1 1/2; time flies by so fast.My daughter was the same and is still picking with her clothes.

    Hey My Beautiful friend Deena, long time no see or talk.How are you and the family doing? last time I talked with you, you and your family were having troubles.But as the looks of this Blogger, I see that you got through it all and are a Happy Family.I hope to be able to get together with you often and start building new friendship/family memories together.Btw, I will be doing a birthday party for my lil' prince malikai for his 2nd b*day this saturday 11/21 at 3pm my place. hope that you can make it, would Love to see you and the family again so that we can catch up on things.

    Love ya,


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