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Monday, October 12, 2009

The last frontiers of women's liberation

I am so blessed to live in a country and an era when women are afforded all the same rights as men. Thank you Lord!!

But I would like to take a moment to address, in my opinion, the final frontier in women's lib. There are still several ways in which our society oppresses women.

#1 Wage discrimination
I can't believe this is still going on but it is!!! Is it some sort of subconscious thing??? My brother got a job at the same grill that his girl-friend worked at. His starting pay was higher than hers only he started with no experience and she did have experience!!!! That's infuriating!

This is happening on all socioeconomic levels. There is only one solution. We need to have complete and open honesty about money. We need to talk about salaries. The secrets need to end. It is doing us a disservice. I know this is a completely foreign concept to Americans but in the best interest of women and minorities the gag has got to come off the mouths.

#2 Job discrimination
A recent study showed (disturbingly) that mom's are still being discriminated against in hiring practices. I found this out firsthand when I was applying for a supervisor role at UPS. I thought that I could highlight some of the skills I had utilized as a stay-at-home- mom in my resume. The hub manager (a really big kahuna in the company) gently took me aside and advised me to rewrite my resume. I admire that he went out of his way to help me. But I am disappointed that the corporate world hasn't evolved to the point of recognizing the contribution of mothers in this world and instead still discriminate against them.

#3 High heels.

What is the difference between high heels and the ancient Chinese tradition of foot binding??? Very little in my opinion. Both painfully alter the female foot in the name of cultural beauty. This has got to stop. The long-term ramifications of high heels are serious. And the expectation of women to perform difficult athletic feats (no pun intended) in high heels in the sport of ballroom dancing is OUTRAGEOUS!!! I would really like to see one of the competitors in "Dancing with the Stars" take a stand on this issue and refuse to wear high heals. This is a gender equality issue!!!!



  • At 8:31 PM, Blogger Bruce said…

    You can still be pretty in America without high heels.


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