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Friday, October 02, 2009

Good looking world leaders

So my friends and I were talking about good looking world leaders. Power is so irresistibly attractive. So can you imagine the chemistry you could conjure for a handsome powerful man? I digress...

The winner is Regan. And Shwarzenegger for his bodacious body. Honorable mentions for: Yushchenko, Obama, Prince William (pictured above in uniform),Mitt Romney (to the left), Jens Stoltenburg of Norway (under Shwarzenegger), JFK, Jonathan Edwards, Jack Conway KY Attorney General, Anthony Weiner D-NY, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Josh Svaty, former KS state rep. and acting Sec. of Agriculture, Indiana Rep. Brad Ellsworth

For the ladies we've got... Rona Ambrose: Canada’s intergovernmental affairs minister (left), Prime Minister Yuliya Timoshenko (right), Sarah Palin and Benazir Bhutto (bottem)



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