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Sunday, September 27, 2009

An indicator of your current life pace

I know something that is a good indicator of your current financial status and your current time management. Wanna know what it is?....

... Teeth.

  • Has everyone in your family had a dental cleaning within the last six months?
  • If your six month cleaning is coming up, are the appointments scheduled?
  • Is all necessary dental work done/caught up with?
  • Do you have health insurance or money saved for the upcoming appointments?
If you can answer yes to all those questions than congratulations! You have accomplished the ever elusive "margins". Margins is when you have breathing room in your life. This should be a goal for everyone. Because stress is not only bad for your health- it's not what God intended for us. God wants us to have the time to enjoy each others company and his beautiful planet.

So if you have accomplished margins, keep up the good work. And if you haven't look at the reasons why. Some temporary sacrifices are worth it- like the stress of a new baby. But if you are living life on the edge all the time, with no particular reason why, rethink your goals and try to re-write them to include some margin.



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