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Friday, September 04, 2009

Freedom vs. deregulation

Freedom is a really big issue to me! The ones that have really bothered me are:
  • homeschooling- my kids are my responsibility
  • firearms- I want to open carry! It would reduce crime! Totally illegal in my state right now though
  • fireworks!- I want to set them off on the fourth of July! This is also totally illegal in my state but since it's legal just fifteen minutes north, the police, thankfully, look the other way.
  • selling food! I want to sell pizza to my neighbors but it's not allowed from a residential kitchen. I can't support my food budget in this way but I'm more than welcome to go apply for food stamps. The thing that really bothers me is that pizza ingredients could be served uncooked without the risk of food poisoning. So there is no risk of undercooking. They are "protecting" the public from NOTHING!!!!!!
  • marajuana- Keeping this illegal is funding the Mexican drug war which is getting very serious and out of control and hurting our borders.
  • gay marriage. Hello "separation of church and state". Grant people the right to live and love. Grant churches the right to practice as they see fit. End of story.

That said, I'm a Democrat and you can't just vote the Republican ticket and expect that that equals "freedom" You can take each bill and each representative's beliefs into consideration. Also, when voting- you have to keep in mind that we have an even BIGGER problem in America- deregulation. For instance, the deregulation of banks led to the financial mess/bank bailout. The deregulation of futures trading led to skyrocketing gas prices. And the lack of regulation of health insurance has led to millions of underinsured.

So what you have to be really careful of, is not getting so gung ho about "freedom" that you start advocating for "business freedom" which is "deregulation" and that is not the same thing as personal freedom. AT ALL. Because that hurts the little guy. In a roundabout fashion deregulation = less freedom for you and I.



  • At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I SO agree! (holiday from GCM)


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