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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I took my homeschooled son out letterboxing yesterday! It was so much fun! This was the clue we got off the internet:

Dum dee dum,
Look in the drum

From the trail, set yourself free,
When the drum, you can see.

If you find a dragon egg, neatly nestled in a triple tree,
Stand west of it and the drum will be revealed to thee.

In the drum, wood,
Lift it you should.

We found lots of "triple trees" but the very last one had a cool egg shaped rock in the center so we knew it was the right one. I got such an adrenaline rush when we saw it. Then we walked a few feet and saw the (rusty oil) drum. It was so exciting! Inside was the little notebook which we signed since we don't have personal stamps yet. I think I'm going to take him to another one today. :)


Sunday, September 27, 2009

An indicator of your current life pace

I know something that is a good indicator of your current financial status and your current time management. Wanna know what it is?....

... Teeth.

  • Has everyone in your family had a dental cleaning within the last six months?
  • If your six month cleaning is coming up, are the appointments scheduled?
  • Is all necessary dental work done/caught up with?
  • Do you have health insurance or money saved for the upcoming appointments?
If you can answer yes to all those questions than congratulations! You have accomplished the ever elusive "margins". Margins is when you have breathing room in your life. This should be a goal for everyone. Because stress is not only bad for your health- it's not what God intended for us. God wants us to have the time to enjoy each others company and his beautiful planet.

So if you have accomplished margins, keep up the good work. And if you haven't look at the reasons why. Some temporary sacrifices are worth it- like the stress of a new baby. But if you are living life on the edge all the time, with no particular reason why, rethink your goals and try to re-write them to include some margin.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I throw my weight behind...

There are 8 people running for Senator Kennedy's seat. I would like to announce my support for Mike E. Capuano from the House of Representatives. He has proven himself to be a fighter for the people. I have done local campaigning and he is spoken quite highly of by his constituents. Here is a great clip of him tearing apart some bank executives.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Bible revelation


I've been pondering whether people with anti-social personality disorder can go to heaven. And I've been thinking that they probably can't. Which makes me sad because someone I love has it. But then I had a revelation that, it seems to me, that Samson had anti-social personality disorder. And he is esteemed in Christianity, as one of our heroes. He is, surely, going to heaven. So that gives me a lot more peace and hope that no mental illness is so bad that it can separate us from God.

For the curious: my argument:
From the mayo clinic web site:
A person with antisocial personality disorder:
  • Breaks the law repeatedly
  • Lies, steals, and fights often
  • Disregards the safety of self and others
  • Does not show any guilt

Far more men than women are affected. The condition is common in prison populations.Fire-setting and cruelty to animals during childhood are linked to the development of antisocial personality.

People with antisocial personality disorder may have the following signs:
  • Anger and arrogance
  • Capable of acting witty and charming
  • Good at flattery and manipulating other people's emotions
  • Substance abuse and legal problems
What I see in Samson: He was a Nazirite, whose life was supposed to be completely dedicated to the Lord, yet he seemed not to care about obeying the Jewish law, demonstrated by his choice in women (Philistines and prostitutes) and his lack of concern about touching the body of the dead lion.

He also seems to lie quite easily, even to those he loves- his parent about the origin of the honey. His lover about the origin of his strength.

He kills without a second thought. First, thirty men at his wedding. Then, later, a thousand men.

He demonstrates cruelty to animals and pyromania when he started a fire by tying 300 foxes together in pairs and to lit torches.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The beginning of First Time Farmer

I started saving seeds and vermicomposting as ways to satisfy the gardener in me- even though it's too late to start a garden now. And I have no land. My quest for land led me to find a local program called "World PEAS" run by Tufts University. It teaches people how to be farmers. I've already signed up for their course. And when it's done I get to lease a quarter acre from them at a dirt cheap (tee hee) price.

At the introductory class I got to talk to other people like myself! It was so gratifying to talk to someone in real life who understands me. We had the kind of conversations I could never have with normal people on the street. We could talk about dorky farming things like "Will Allen. You KNOW Will Allen?!" and "Evil corporations like Monsanto are trying to take over the world". And "What are your thoughts on HR 875?"


Friday, September 04, 2009

Freedom vs. deregulation

Freedom is a really big issue to me! The ones that have really bothered me are:
  • homeschooling- my kids are my responsibility
  • firearms- I want to open carry! It would reduce crime! Totally illegal in my state right now though
  • fireworks!- I want to set them off on the fourth of July! This is also totally illegal in my state but since it's legal just fifteen minutes north, the police, thankfully, look the other way.
  • selling food! I want to sell pizza to my neighbors but it's not allowed from a residential kitchen. I can't support my food budget in this way but I'm more than welcome to go apply for food stamps. The thing that really bothers me is that pizza ingredients could be served uncooked without the risk of food poisoning. So there is no risk of undercooking. They are "protecting" the public from NOTHING!!!!!!
  • marajuana- Keeping this illegal is funding the Mexican drug war which is getting very serious and out of control and hurting our borders.
  • gay marriage. Hello "separation of church and state". Grant people the right to live and love. Grant churches the right to practice as they see fit. End of story.

That said, I'm a Democrat and you can't just vote the Republican ticket and expect that that equals "freedom" You can take each bill and each representative's beliefs into consideration. Also, when voting- you have to keep in mind that we have an even BIGGER problem in America- deregulation. For instance, the deregulation of banks led to the financial mess/bank bailout. The deregulation of futures trading led to skyrocketing gas prices. And the lack of regulation of health insurance has led to millions of underinsured.

So what you have to be really careful of, is not getting so gung ho about "freedom" that you start advocating for "business freedom" which is "deregulation" and that is not the same thing as personal freedom. AT ALL. Because that hurts the little guy. In a roundabout fashion deregulation = less freedom for you and I.


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Great Day By The Fresh Beat Band!

my comment was:

1:05 Most pathetic pop ever perfomed.

The choreography looks like it was done by a white high school cheerleader. And watching the men do it makes me Those aren't appropriate male moves. Ok rant over.

Choo choo soul is good though.

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