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Friday, August 21, 2009

A product review: Point n Paint

We painted our new apartment with the new Point n Paint product. At first it seemed really cool. But the longer we painted the messier the whole thing got and after a while- that piece of plastic that is supposed to "edge" against the wall started getting covered in paint, which defeated the whole point. And the pad fell out of the holder once- both to me and to Timmy. It wasn't snapped in properly. It's a mistake you only make once- but at the cost of a big mess- Timmy left an iron shaped print on the carpet... And after a while we just started taping off the edging any way- which wasn't that big of a deal- and kind of gratifying when you get to pull it off and see the perfectly clean edging. And we also got nice clean lines using regular brushes and those little foam tipped ones. So in conclusion I would skip this product. For $10 I might recommend it- cuz at first it was fun. But not the $20 that it currently sells for.



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