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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Advice for Indian Call-Centre-Peeps

I noticed that Indian telemarketers or customer service reps will take an American name. John or Sally, or what have you. I appreciate the effort of choosing a name I won't have trouble pronouncing. But I'm sure part of the plan, also, is to avoid the xenophobia, if at all possible. Because, lets face it, Indian call support isn't very popular. They're sometimes hard to understand, and the job outsourcing is a sensitive subject these days. (I give them credit though- they are so polite and probably take a lot of abuse). Over the phone, their accent gives them away so there isn't much they can do to trick us into thinking they really are an American "John" calling from, oh, Knoxville Tennessee. However, online customer service now has the option of Instant Messaging- which I luuuuuuuv. And since there's no talking, they have a decent shot at tricking me into thinking I'm conversing with American tech support. So here's my advice to you Indian customer service reps: take a Spanish or black name! Like "Shaquira" or "Jose" or "Lakeshia". That will definitely give me pause. It might even fool me!

And on an unrelated note: when I googled "Indian" all the images were of Native Americans. Come on!!!! Seriously????? For real, people?!?!? The majority of people are still using that term?! Ugh. That makes me mad. Indians and Native Americans are nothing alike. Why wouldn't you want to differentiate them with two labels?


  • At 11:18 AM, Blogger Niecey said…

    The funnies thing is listening to my husband, with his broad Scottish accent, talking to the Indian call center folks, and no one can understand each other.

    And about the other be honest..."Cowboys and Native Americans" just doesn't have the same ring to it..

    I'm not all into being PC, cause I think it can go a bit too far, and really it should be the intent we should be working on, not just the language. It's very 1984 (the book), the whole reduce our language to reduce our scope of thought...
    However, I do find it crazy to label Native Americans as Indians and I find it hard to believe folks are still really doing that.


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