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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Obama Is Running A "Gangster" Government

She is very eloquent. I admire her for that.

But to the point... why are we in this position- in which government is taking an inappropriate role in business? It is because the car manufacturers failed and asked for government help. Did they fail because the free market system is flawed? No. In my opinion, it failed because of certain ways in which the government was run poorly- not regulating health insurers correctly and giving a tax break to companies who leave the US, and -the biggie- the deregulation of futures trading, which skyrocketed oil prices and pretty much halted the sales of cars, especially bigger cars.

So, what's the congresswoman's point? That we need less government I guess? Well, I agree, in principal. Everyone agrees in principal. But it sounds as if she's completely ignoring the reality that brought us to this point. If we don't address the ways that government didn't do its job we'll only increase the number of ways government is inappropriately involved.



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