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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Massachusetts gun law and thinking of moving

Gun laws are very restrictive in my state. (Which is ironic, because I can drive fifteen minutes North and Open Carry legally. Heh heh.) Guns have to be locked at all times in this state (except for certain situations). One man is taking this to the state supreme court, saying this is a violation of our contstitutional rights. I'll be very interested in seeing how it plays out. I'm somewhat interested in getting a gun because I like the idea that law abiding citizens should have more guns and criminals should have less guns. I think if responsible people like me had guns, there would be less crime.
...But we're thinking of moving anyway, so that law may not have any ramifications for me. I'm trying to convince Timmy to move South for the winter. I just can't take one more New England cold dreary winter, locked up in the house for six months!!! Plus I'm convinced Swine Flu will kill a million Americans (I calculated that statistic myself) so I think we'd be safer someplace warmer, where the flu virus isn't as strong. Not that I'm advocating fear or panic. I'm just trying to take precautions since one of my children is in the risky "under two" category.


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