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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bragging on my loved ones

Timmy: Today we went to the sprinkler park and Timmy was shy at first because it's a bunch of kids and a few moms. But as soon as he came in- I swear- six other men came in with their kids. It was so heartwarming. I love that he was like a leader in that regard. Making it seem cool to play with your kids. I love it when dads interact with their kids.

Brandon: He is almost completely self-sufficient!!! I am sooo proud of this because it is my goal as a mother to teach my kids everything they need to know to be a contributing adult. He does his own laundry. He keeps his room clean. He works hard. Has good manners. Great hygene. Is full of compassion and sensitive to others. Likes to work out. Eats healthy. Knows how to cook several meals. Has ironed clothes a few times. And today he even mopped his room, of his own undertaking! The other day he and Wolfie were talking about what jobs they will get some day and how they can move out and go to college and be roommates. It makes all the hard work of motherhood seem worthwhile.

He's finally putting on some weight. For about a year he was scary thin- a walking skeleton. I knew his body had suffered so much from the two plus years of gluten intolerance when we didn't know. That just wreaks havoc on your intestines and your ability to absorb nutrients. Then, once we did know, we had a hard time finding enough gluten free foods that he would eat to put any weight on him. But 15 months after the discovery I am just soooo happy to see him filling out!! My baby is thickening up. It's such a huge relief. And he very rarely has accidental gluten exposures anymore- so his body is really healing. And we've got a good selection of gluten free foods for him now. I even make him homemade pizza about once a week- totally from scratch- which saves us a ton of money.

Dimitri: This kid is a skateboarding prodigy! I'm telling you! He just loves the sport and he is uuuh-mazing. He can do all sorts of tricks. And he's just five!! His older brothers aren't into skateboarding, so this sport is a unique interest of his. I think it's pretty cool that he took to it all on his own.

Her hair is fiiiiiiinally long enough to pull into two tiny pig tails. She looks just like boo from Monsters Inc. It is sooooo cute. And then, what she does that really makes me melt is she walks around saying "Happy-appy-appy-appy". the girl is just happy! She is such a joy. Timmy and I float on air around her. She's our princess.



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