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Monday, May 18, 2009

Using blogger for something other than blogging

I'm using blogger to write a book. I'm not publishing those posts. Not now anyway. But I found that using blogger is the best way to get it written because when I sit with a pencil and paper I get massive writers block. And when I do write it comes out all funny sounding, like I'm trying too hard. But when I write on my "compose" page of blogger the words flow much better. I thought I'd share that cool tip with you. Maybe there are other writers out there with a similar problem. I know that "blogs turned books" is a pretty common phenomenon, for this very reason. I'm not publishing the work here though so it will be fresh. Plus it's still rough around the edges. This book is about education/homeschooling. I also have a partially written book about weight loss that I'll pick up again someday when I'm so inspired. And in my head is the idea of a book about medical detective/diagnosing... There's so many books I want to write on such a variety of subjects. By the time I'm done the world will be amazed. Then I'll finish it all off with "Humility and how I Achieved it". lol. Thanks Dad for that joke.



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