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Thursday, May 14, 2009

That's random

I was thinking how profitable it would be to have an iced coffee stand. So I looked up the cost of a permit in my city. A push-cart food permit is $100 a year. That seems reasonable. Anyhoo, while I was looking up the permits I found a random one amongst the list... Do you see it?

Body Art License - Establishment
Body Art License - Practitioner
Burial Permits
$20.00 each
Carbonated Beverages License
Carnival or Circus (Temporary food up to 14 days)
Catering Business
Disposal Works Permit (new or repair)
DNA Research Permits
Dumpster - Contractor License
Dumpster (Private Property)
Dumpster Permits Temporary (Fairs/Festivals up to 15 Days)
(Streets/ Sidewalks -DPW)

Food Permits- Temporary Festivals/Fairs (up to 7 days)
events that are non-carnival, non-circus events

Funeral Director's License

DNA research permits? lol. What's up with that? I almost wonder if this is related to the scam company that opened up here years ago, promising to tell your fetus' gender. Maybe they added this fee in and then closed the company under the charge "operating without a license". This is total speculation of course. I know two women PERSONALLY that got incorrect results (one of whom was my fault, as I told her about the test). Now there's another company that has got Walgreens and soon CVS selling their test. I wonder if that's a bogus one too.



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