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Thursday, May 28, 2009

A product review

The other day at the hairdressers I was reading a magazine and there was an ad for a women's shoe insert and the ad had a sample stuck to it so you could put it in your shoe and feel it. So I put it in. It was soft to the touch and cute but I didn't "feel" any difference when I was walking. But I left it in the shoe for the heck of it and wore the shoes for two days. The first day I didn't feel a difference, but on the second day the ball of my foot on the unpadded shoe hurt! And on the third day, when I wasn't even wearing the shoes, it still hurt!!! So I'm going to have to go buy the inserts I guess, because it really does help. So, in conclusion, I give the Dr. Scholls "for her" shoe inserts, two thumbs up.


  • At 11:09 AM, Blogger Anne Basso said…

    Anything that makes your feet hurt less, especially if you have a job that keeps you on your feet (you know, like a nurse ;-) ), is a very good thing!


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