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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kevin Jonas gay?

So I was watching the Jonas Brothers new TV show with my kids and it was immediately obvious to me that Kevin Jonas is probably gay. He hasn't come out. I feel really bad that he has to hide it, for whomever... his producers, his fans, his family... I can only guess. But there has got to be tons of pressure for him to be hetero because so many young girls need him to be straight. I mean, that's the point of a boy band. A safe way for a girl to practice liking a boy. He should totally talk to Lance Bass, the guy from N'Sync who came out. He would understand the pressure.

UPDATE: So now he's engaged. hmmm. That increases the odds that I'm wrong. But also increases the awfulness of this situation if I'm right- that he'd take this charade to the next level. If they're still married in two years than I'll come back to this post and say I was wrong. But until then, I'll just wait to see...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A product review

The other day at the hairdressers I was reading a magazine and there was an ad for a women's shoe insert and the ad had a sample stuck to it so you could put it in your shoe and feel it. So I put it in. It was soft to the touch and cute but I didn't "feel" any difference when I was walking. But I left it in the shoe for the heck of it and wore the shoes for two days. The first day I didn't feel a difference, but on the second day the ball of my foot on the unpadded shoe hurt! And on the third day, when I wasn't even wearing the shoes, it still hurt!!! So I'm going to have to go buy the inserts I guess, because it really does help. So, in conclusion, I give the Dr. Scholls "for her" shoe inserts, two thumbs up.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A milestone and a profound thought

First the milestone: the whole family went to church with me today and the kids sat through the whole service for the first time!! This is a big milestone- especially for Wolfie. woo hoo! I'm so happy!

Now the profound thought: You know how English words go left to right? But other languages are right to left. Like: Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Braille. So is one way more "right" than the other? My profound thought is that they are more right because in math you can only add and multiply right to left. Unless there is another technique that I don't know about that goes left to right. There is one benefit to our way of doing it though- all of us "righties" don't get ink smudged on our hand as we write. So I'm content with our way of doing it. Even if they're more right.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Graduation Day

Pivotal moments along this journey...
Growing up I always wanted to be a nurse. As a young child I would read books on lamaze and diabetes. When I was homeschooled in 8th grade I'd go to the Syracuse University library with my dad, who was a student there, and I'd read their nursing textbooks. Medical science was always a favorite subject of mine, weather it was a book about the flu of 1918 or The Zone. Most of the nursing learning I did was self- motivated. It's a true testament to the unschooling theory that I learned so much in a casual way like I did. It was for the best anyway, because I didn't have time for the standard reading and studying as the mother of three, then four. I never did read the assignments and only owned the first semester text books. I couldn't afford the rest anyway.

There was a moment, four years ago, when I realized my kids needed me to have a back up plan... a degree or a job. I remember that exact moment in time. I was standing in the front doorway in West Townsend one cold night. I needed something I could rely on if my husband ever screwed up again. As much as I wanted to stay at home and raise them full time, I knew it was even more important for us to have security. So the next day I looked up medical positions, decided that the MCC RN program was the best bang for the buck, and then applied to UPS to load boxes and pay my tuition and signed up for Anatomy and Physiology class.

My lab partner in A+P was named Carol. We got along so well and helped each other dissect and experiment. She helped me study to pass the cardiac test. We both wanted to be pregnant. She beat me to it though- getting pregnant with her baby girl a year before me. I miss her.

I was slowly working on my co-requisites, unaware of the two year waiting list for the nursing program. One night while loading trailers at UPS a co-worker inspired me to start the application process. I got on it the next day and it was just in the nick of time. My name came up on the list just as I finished the last co-requisite. I was the very last one admitted to my class.

Our first lab tests were nerve-wracking. If you can't get the correct pulse, heart rate, or blood pressure within three trys you were out of the program- all of your lifelong dreams dashed, like that. I didn't get the pulse on the first attempt because I was so nervous I pressed so hard I obliterated it. Got it on the second attempt though.

Fundamentals class was a little boring/disappointing. Blogging about my frustrations got me in trouble with the Dean and the President. The rest of the semesters were more challenging though. I learned my lesson, to keep my opinions to myself though.

Summer of 2007 I applied for and got into the "China Experience". This was truly the highlight of my Middlesex career. Those two weeks in China were the most amazing of my life and the people I got to know were incredible. I came back to America with the souveneir I wanted most of all, a positive pregnancy test. (Timmy's baby, FTR. lol.)

Some of my clinical professors were truly inspirational: Forgacz, Cormio, Mizzoni, Spellman. Thank you. I will repay them someday by inspiring and teaching future nurses myself.

Two of my professors were borderline psychologically abusive. I am grateful to put them in my past. I did what I had to do to get that degree.

Clinicals were by far the most challenging part of the nursing program. They were stress filled days, starting before the crack of dawn; the night before spent researching your patient and studying their meds. Some nights I didn't get a wink of sleep beforehand. This is when I learned to drink coffee. This is when the nursing students bonded-going through this unusual torture together. It was a pleasure to get to know the nursing students in two different classes. I got to meet so many friends. One of my favorites from the full time program was Emma. It's funny to say that looking back because, at first, I saw her as my competition. In the part time program I got to know Laurie. It didn't surprise me when she won the coveted nursing award for clinical excellence. I cried on her shoulders many a clinical. She was like a mother hen to us.

Pregnancy brought its own challenges. I was so lucky to be able to arrange to transfer to the part time program. I threw up at several clinical sites. And this pregnancy also brought depression and psychosis. At the time I was doing my clinical in the psychiatric ward, I was suicidal. The only thing keeping me from checking in to a psychiatric ward, myself, was I didn't want to have to drop out of or redo the nursing program. My dedication to the goal though, gave me something to live for. I was able to focus on nursing when I was at class and clinical.

Today was my graduation. I did a cartwheel across the stage when I got my diploma. I am so happy it's over and so proud to join the nursing profession.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Using blogger for something other than blogging

I'm using blogger to write a book. I'm not publishing those posts. Not now anyway. But I found that using blogger is the best way to get it written because when I sit with a pencil and paper I get massive writers block. And when I do write it comes out all funny sounding, like I'm trying too hard. But when I write on my "compose" page of blogger the words flow much better. I thought I'd share that cool tip with you. Maybe there are other writers out there with a similar problem. I know that "blogs turned books" is a pretty common phenomenon, for this very reason. I'm not publishing the work here though so it will be fresh. Plus it's still rough around the edges. This book is about education/homeschooling. I also have a partially written book about weight loss that I'll pick up again someday when I'm so inspired. And in my head is the idea of a book about medical detective/diagnosing... There's so many books I want to write on such a variety of subjects. By the time I'm done the world will be amazed. Then I'll finish it all off with "Humility and how I Achieved it". lol. Thanks Dad for that joke.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Shout outs to all the male nurses out there!! I hope one of my sons goes into this noble profession.


That's random

I was thinking how profitable it would be to have an iced coffee stand. So I looked up the cost of a permit in my city. A push-cart food permit is $100 a year. That seems reasonable. Anyhoo, while I was looking up the permits I found a random one amongst the list... Do you see it?

Body Art License - Establishment
Body Art License - Practitioner
Burial Permits
$20.00 each
Carbonated Beverages License
Carnival or Circus (Temporary food up to 14 days)
Catering Business
Disposal Works Permit (new or repair)
DNA Research Permits
Dumpster - Contractor License
Dumpster (Private Property)
Dumpster Permits Temporary (Fairs/Festivals up to 15 Days)
(Streets/ Sidewalks -DPW)

Food Permits- Temporary Festivals/Fairs (up to 7 days)
events that are non-carnival, non-circus events

Funeral Director's License

DNA research permits? lol. What's up with that? I almost wonder if this is related to the scam company that opened up here years ago, promising to tell your fetus' gender. Maybe they added this fee in and then closed the company under the charge "operating without a license". This is total speculation of course. I know two women PERSONALLY that got incorrect results (one of whom was my fault, as I told her about the test). Now there's another company that has got Walgreens and soon CVS selling their test. I wonder if that's a bogus one too.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

She broke it. She fixed it.

Several weeks ago my one year old dropped the xbox remote
in the toilet and broke it.
Today she put that same remote in the dishwasher before I washed it.
When it came out, my husband suggested trying it again, because "electronics are weird like that."
It worked.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Friday, May 08, 2009

This is so funny

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My first ever live-chat Bible Study

This is so cool! I'm logged into a local Messianic Congregation's Bible study and I'm participating with live chat! If you want to check it out its every Tuesday night at 7pm EST.
The password is YeshuaSaves.
And I'm looking up the Bible verses on as they read them. I love when technology makes a real contribution to our lives. I mean, there's no way I could go to this with my four kids. Also it's great for people with ADD or just lot of energy or multi-taskers like me. You can do all sorts of things at the same time. :) My only warning is that he likes to talk about how the Christian denominations have missed the mark- which I agree with- but I wouldn't emphasize it like he does.

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Let's talk about paper clutter!

Whew, what a busy week I've had! We all had the flu (ironically) and we moved! And I'm wrapping up school!! (See countdown at the top of the blog).

I'd like to talk about paper clutter. My dear mother taught me how to file away paperwork. What a useful tool.

I have found the ideal amount of space needed for your file folders... drumrole please... one plastic milk crate. If you go through it every once in a while- say, once a year- and dispose of the papers and files you don't need any more, you can keep your storage down to this size.

The reason we can do this, in this era, is because of the blessed internet. Being able to google for resources means we don't have to keep random information on hand in case we'll need it in the future. (Someone needs to tell my professor this. She made us pass out bundles of paperwork to our classmates on various diseases so we could have the information in the future. One of my classmates complained that a PDF file would have been more "earth friendly" but my professor didn't think anyone would keep the file... um hello? Do you think any of us kept that paper????)

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