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Friday, April 03, 2009

Major change in my life!!!

I've spent hours and hours discussing the subject online with my friends and I've made a huge decision to become a "Torah Observant" Christian!! This means that I will try to uphold the rules put forth in the "Old Testament". I am convinced that I've been missing out on a part of God's blessing for me by glossing over the Torah. I am also convinced that the New Testament never says to stop observing the Torah!! It's a pretty big revelation. And an indictment on the modern Christian church for really "missing the mark" on their interpretation. I can't believe that in all my years, "Torah Observant" was never presented as an option. I mean, I was taught that some Christians are "premillennialists" and others are "Amillennial" and still others "Postmillennial" I was taught the argument for women preachers and the argument against women preachers. I was taught the young earth creation theory and the evolution theory and Intelligent Design. But never once, in 30 years, multiple churches, youthgroups, Christian schools, was it ever presented that Torah Observant was an option.

I'm sure many of my readers are skeptical of this interpretation. Get yourselves a good nights sleep, because tomorrow I will post my Biblical analysis!!!

These are some things I am particularly excited about, as I start this new journey.

#1 I am excited to be living "more deliberately" for the Lord. I like that I have to put a little more thought into my choices, to be sure that everything is edifying the Lord. I like that these choices might make me stand out as different, maybe a testimony to the Lord.

#2 I'm excited to dive into the Torah law and study them with a new enthusiasm. Knowing now that these laws apply to me, I am so much more interested!! I can ruminate over how I will uphold them. And for the ones that I cannot uphold (like the ones for men only) I can think about what the intent is behind the law so that I can imitate it in my life.

#3 I am excited to learn about all the holidays that I've been missing out on celebrating. In recent years I have discovered that all of the Old Testament holidays have a corresponding New Testament event. (Like Passover... Easter) Before, it was on my "to do list" to study those and see. Now I can do more than study. I can live it!

#4 I'm excited to have new traditions and culture to share with my children. I honestly think it is what is missing with modern Christianity. I once heard that every third generation of Christian falls away. Like Nehemiah in the Bible, we must take action to secure their identity, belief, and passion.

I have sooooo much to learn.

I've been told that this website is a good place to start.

(God picked a good time though, huh? Passover/Easter!)

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  • At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I never knew that's what it was called!!!! We gave up Easter 4 years ago {this is our 5th} in exchange for a Messianic Passover. Last year we added Chanukah. This next year we will add more. I tell the kids all the time "How can we truly understand who Christ was and why he did what he did, if we don't understand HIS culture {Judiasm}?" .... Afterall Christ was Jewish! It's always amazed me how people seem to blow that part off. I took Bible and Theology this Semester and have been thrilled to get into more of the OT history and tie-ing the NT into it. Still learning about all the Torah stuff but I found holidays are a really easy way to start and fun for the entire family. Tonight we watched a great Discovery channel show on the 10 Commandments and the kids were excited to relate it to Passover! Thank you for sharing this definition ... I'd just been saying "my beliefs fall in-line with Messianic Judiasm."



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