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Sunday, April 05, 2009


OK. I've thought of a possible exception.

I was thinking that the Holy Spirit descending on us at Pentacost is the equivalent to going into the Holy Tabernacle. Because now we can all converse with God ourselves, instead of through a Priest. But the Holy Spirit doesn't "go away" when a women gets her period or touches a body, or any of the other ritual impurities. So, that says to me that ritual purity is no longer a requirement. And in fact, that would go along with
my interpretation of some of the verses I've brought up recently... specifically:

"For he himself is our peace who has made the two one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility abolishing in his flesh the law with it's commandments and regulations. Ephesians 2:14"

Sooooo? If the curtain to the Holy Tabernacle has been ripped and anyone can go in, that means everyone, right? Even Non-priests. Even Gentiles. Even people who ate a ham sandwich yesterday.

So was there another reason why we would have to be ritually pure?
If not... I think the clean and unclean rules- including Kosher- have been nullified by Jesus' death

(Although I think it strange that he proclaimed this before he died in Mark 7)

Anyway, it's something I can mull over.

The rest of the Torah needs to be observed though.



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