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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An experiment

This homeschooling mom did an experiment on how words affect water. It was based on a Japanese dude, Masaru Emoto's, experiments with freezing water, which became beautiful or ugly crystals depending on the positive or negative words spoken to/around it. That's so stupid, right? I thought it was ridiculous and impossible. I tried googling for some proof. I found a ton of people and scientists claiming that it is pseudoscience. But no real experiments disproving it. There are some youtube videos with positive results though. So I had to do the experiment. Just to prove it wrong. Much to my surprise I got the same results! The "hate" jar had mold days before the "love" jar showed any signs of mold. Then I threw out those jars and did it again. And it happened again. Not nearly as dramatically the second time, I imagine, because I wasn't as into it, so I spoke to the jars a lot less. (Lid on the entire time, so no difference in microbe spread). The second time I also did a "neutral" control one, which seemed to grow as much as the hate, which would lead me to believe that "love" is a protection more than "hate" is destructive. don't know/shrug. But, unfortunately, the neutral one was in the dark (in a cupboard so it wouldn't be exposed to the words) and obviously the dark effects mold growth, so I can't really accept those results.

Here are the pictures of my second experiment. (Sorry, I didn't take any of the first. shaking head with sadness) There's white mold on the "hate" that you can't see real well, but in total, hate has about three times the mold as love. I dumped out the jars on this paper just so you could see it more clearly.

This has major implications for the words we speak. This is no surprise to us, Christians, as the Bible makes some pretty bold statements about the power of the tongue. But on a more theoretical level, haven't you noticed that you can just "feel" the negative and positive spirits in people's homes? Whether that's the power of words or spiritual beings or some combination... it's very real.


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