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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Eating ham on Easter

My friends and I are having an interesting discussion about Easter. It was pointed out that it's ironic that we celebrate Jesus' resurrection with a meal that he wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. lol. It's so true! A lamb is so much more meaningful than a ham.

It reminds me of the subject of celebrating Halloween. There is that debate about whether a Christian should celebrate it or not. The way I see it, there is the meaning that a holiday holds to *society* and then there is the meaning that a holiday once had- it's roots. And thirdly, there is the meaning that the holiday holds for you and your family *right now*. Halloween used to be a Christian holiday. It currently is a pagan/satanic holiday. But in my family it is a day we like to dress up and trick or treat and enjoy each others company. Not celebrating anything. Easter used to be a pagan holiday. It currently is a religious holiday. In my family it's a day we have a special church service and really spend the day ruminating on God's gift to us and eat candy and be with extended family.

A friend of mine summed it up well:
"if the meaning of a tradition gets lost, the potency of the tradition is lost as well. That goes for the holy AND the pagan. i honestly don't *care* of the origin of a tradition, if the purpose of the origin is no longer being served."

This Easter discussion also led to a discussion on whether we are called to follow the Torah (Old Testament). I'm inclined to believe we are. (But boy do I have a long way to go on that one!) One big myth that American Christians buy into is that Peter's dream was God telling us that the unclean foods are not clean. But go back and reread the story! It doesn't say that!!!! That was merely a metaphor. A metaphor that was interpreted for us! No where else in the Bible do we interpret dreams literally and against God's interpretation!! That's some pretty big food for thought!

I've been inspired to try to follow the Torah laws more closely, with the new perspective that it is God's perfect plan, and even though Jesus was the perfect sacrifice, that doesn't take away all the guidelines for living a Holy life.

In the words of another friend: "My biggest problem with the church's teachings on sin and Torah is this: We seem to have been given this idea that as long as we don't go too far out of bounds we're okay. The purpose that I see in Torah is that we're to be studying and pressing in as close as we can get. I don't want to live on the edge, just being holy enough."

Amen, Sister!

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