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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A revolation about my hormones

This week I had a MAJOR breakthrough.... It all started with the random cramps I've been having. I thought maybe my body was trying to kick start ovulation again and just couldn't get it going. So I looked up what hormones are involved in cramping and figured out it's progesterone and that lead me to find Vitex/chasteberry which is an herbal supplement that can stimulate progesterone. THEN I read that this supplement is useful for women like me who are anovulatory for a long time between babies.

So THEN I prayed about whether I should take this supplement, since I'm "quiverfull" which, by my definition means that I'm always open to another pregnancy if it's the Lord's leading. And I felt a peace about taking it and so I did.

And THEN my mood changed amazingly. I haven't been so happy in years! So I was starting to think that, yes, I was deficient in progesterone in an unhealthy way. So I looked further into the effects of progesterone online I found:

"It reduces spasm and relaxes smooth muscle. Bronchi are widened and mucus regulated." I had my first asthma attack this winter!

And "It reduces gall-bladder activity". I had my first gall bladder attack last summer!

Add to that, the fact that a short luteal phase is likely to cause multiple miscarriages and I'm convinced that I'm supposed to be taking this herb, for my health. I don't think God "intended" me to be anovulatory for three years between babies. I think there is something wrong with me.

Also, this gives me hope that maybe I can control my mood in a future pregnancy. If my mood is clearly being affected by an improper balance of hormones, maybe there will be something I can take in the next pregnancy to prevent the depression I went through last time. I'll get my hormones checked when I get pregnant.

Then I had another major revelation. My baby Saphira would not be here if I hadn't gone to China last year. The only reason she "stuck" was because I left for two weeks immediately after conceptions. Giving my body a two week break from breastfeeding- JUST enough time for the corpus luteum to take over progesterone production. We had been trying for a year to make a baby. God knows how many babies I lost that year. sad Thankfully I know I didn't lose babies between my other kids. (Brandon weaned early. Hubby was away during Wolfie's postpartum years) Thank you Lord for that China trip.

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