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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The future of technology

I love love love the internet. My family has three computers set up side by side in the living room. It's great. Our whole family is together all the times. Learning and playing the things that interest us individually and yet interacting and connecting with each other. I think most people my age can understand my enthusiasm (and the enlightened olders). :)

"In a survey by German broadband association Bitkom around 84 percent of respondents aged 19-29 said they would rather do without their current partner or an automobile than forego their connection to the Web." Although I wouldn't go so far to say my spouse, I can understand that sentiment. And if you asked me on a bad day...

The future of the internet lies in...

Online degrees! In person classes are a complete waste of time in my opinion. And outrageously expensive. This is a soapbox issue for me. I've been looking to find the online solution and I finally found it! Western Governors University. It's non-profit. Created by 19 U.S Governors. Reputable. Affordable. It's everything I need. So I'll be signing up as soon as I get my RN. I'd love to see my husband working on a degree too. And when my kids turn old enough - 16 maybe? -I'll get them working on their degree too! Classes start every month and it seems to be self paced so if you've got a job and kids you can take it easy (and still get good grades) but you can save a lot of money by zipping through because you pay per semester, not per course.

Facebook? Twitter? Linked in?
I love facebook. I think it has clearly replaced myspace. Currently twitter and Linked in are taking a shot at replacing facebook but I just don't see how it can happen. Linked in is supposedly a "networking tool for business people" but I think that is a shallow understanding of the word "networking". The argument I've gotten, from my mom and a friend is that on facebook you put the pictures of you drinking up or whatever, personal stuff. But linked in is where you post your professional face. But the way I see it is that a lot of the job connections you make are not purely in a professional environment. This is true for blue collars and white collar jobs. It's exactly the reason why rich people pay the big bucks to send their kids to Ivy League colleges- for the networking opportunities among the friends you can make. (Don't believe me? Read this) It's how my husband gets jobs all the time- meeting people at the gym and other random places. Besides, it seems to me that the only people who go on Linked in are unemployed. How is that going to help anyone get a job?

Then there's twitter. It's basically the "short update" application from facebook. And that's it. So I don't see why I should use twitter when facebook already has that. And all my friends are on facebook. But I signed up for it today anyway, because a few people I respect are on it, so maybe it's going somewhere that I'm not seeing.



  • At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm attending Liberty University's Distance program to finish my Bach. Degree ... I love it!


  • At 1:12 PM, Blogger Deena said…

    Cool!! I didn't know about Liberty University!! I just checked it out and it looks great! And even better, they accept 11th and 12 graders as duel enrollers. So that's probably where I'll sign up my boys. WGU, where I'm going, only accepts people 23 and older, which is kind of dumb. I bet that rule will change in the future as online learning becomes more in demand and accepted. And as an added bonus, Liberty U. is a Christian college. Good stuff


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