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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So what if we moved to Australia?

We're at a crossroads in life. The cost of living is so high here. And I'm about to graduate with a degree that I can take with me anywhere and get a job. So we're really open to moving just about anywhere. We'd like a place with affordable housing, a nursing shortage or a good new-grad program, and warm weather. Other stuff that would be nice would be a lot of Christians and a lot of Democrats. ha ha. I'm not sure if that exists.

Anyway, we were considering buying a local house through a charity organization, but that fell through. :( We were also seriously considering Phoenix, AZ. It has all the above listed necessary qualities. But then I started hearing from random people what a horrible place that is to live in (no one knew I was thinking of moving there). I'm sure Phoenix is actually lovely, but I took it as a message from God that he isn't calling me to Phoenix.

So I was feeling kind of deflated. I hate not knowing what I'm doing. I hate that insecurity. But yesterday another possibility arose. A Gentle Christian Mother announced that she and her husband are going to buy a big piece of land in Eastern Australia and build their own house and they're looking for other unschooling, Attachment Parenting, Christians to join them. ~Deena raises her hand like a teachers pet: "oooh oh. me. me". WE unschool! We're AP! We're Christians! And on top of that we're looking for a fresh start, someplace affordable. And Australia has a nursing shortage, which could enable us to get visas or citizenship.

So I excitedly emailed her and I await her reply. Unfortunately, this morning a visiting Uncle of hers tragically drowned. So she is dealing with all of the grief and busyness that death brings. I'll be praying for them. Especially his sister who is deaf and he was her interpretter. Lift them up in prayer.

Timmy isn't convinced. But I know God will either open up the doors and change his heart. Or He will close doors and I'll be OK with that. What an exciting possibility lay ahead of us, though.


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