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Friday, February 27, 2009

Medical drama = medical fun for Deena

OK. I am a bit of a hypochondriac. I enjoy good medical drama. That's why nursing is such an appropriate field for me. I'm a perfect match for the ER. Yesterday I got my fill of good medical drama.

First, when I woke up I thought maybe I had a fracture in the ball of my foot because it was really sore. Three days ago I had taken a bad spill at the skate boarding park. In fact, I fantasized about getting a cast and being able to tell people that it was "a skateboarding accident" ha ha. In reality it was less glamorous than that. My four year old loves skateboarding. So I took him there to practice. I was helping him roll down a ramp when I stepped off the ramp backwards, by accident and we totally wiped out. I'm talking bloody hands and knees, crying kid, the works.

Soooooo, I went to the doctor to get X-rays and I was slightly embarrassed to find that it was, indeed, NOT fractured. Even more embarrassed to report that to my husband, who thought I was exaggerating from the very beginning. I ate my humble pie. At least the doctor was kind enough to point out the "calcifications"on the x-rays that indicate "soft tissue injury".

But the fun didn't end there. That night my poor baby daughter fell forward into a peice of furniture. :( She got a puncture wound to her forehead. It was tiny- 2mm. But deep enough that it wouldn't close on it's own. I'm still pondering why it didn't bleed more. The head is so vascular. Cuts to the scalp are usually a blood bath. Not her though. And she barely cried too. We put a bandaid on it because it was late and went to bed. In the morning the bandaid was soaked. I wasn't surprised. It was still oozing blood because the wound couldn't close.

So I sent Timmy to the store for some superglue. Then I glued the little cut together good as new! Super glue is just as good as stitches! I've even heard of it being used for C-Sections. (Which I think is a bit much). Anyway, I was flattered that Timmy trusted my medical judgement when it really mattered. He always teases me that he would never accept medical care from me as a nurse.

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