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Friday, January 16, 2009


We moved this week. To a nice little three bedroom- horray! So I haven't had the chance to blog. This is my way of playing catch up.

PARENTING 101: I guess I should be surprised it took eleven years of parenting before experiencing this joy. This week I got to take Dimitri to the pediatrician and then the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor, who eventually was able to extract a cherry pit from his nose. :)

I saw a really good movies this week, that was also somewhat educational. I highly recommend it: "Lord of War", starring Nicholas Cage and Bridget Moynahan.

Also, I found this documentary online that looks good. I haven't seen it though, so I can't warn you if its violent or not. If you aren't familiar with the way children have been used as soldiers, this is a must see.

MY NEW FAVORITE THING: Enoki mushrooms! They started selling them at the Cambodian stores around here for a dollar a package. (In American stores they're more). Oh my gosh! They're so good! They're very mild. We eat them raw or cooked. In soup they taste like noodles! But so much healthier for you. I wonder if I can grow them myself. They sell kits online, but those cost more than the actual mushrooms at the store. doh!

RICE CONFUSION: Barack Obama is appointing a black woman named Susan Rice to some top position. Isn't that ironically confusing? I discovered this when I was reading some article and they were referring to "Rice" but it wasn't Condolesa and I was like "Who is this woman??" ha ha.


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