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Thursday, January 08, 2009

End of America?

Did you hear about that Russian professor who predicted the end of America by next year? It sounds kind of silly. I mean, I never would have believed it until this past summer. Now, it seems we're spending ourselves into oblivion. Could he be right? (Scratch head). I guess we wait and see. I'm not going to worry too much though. Just eat some popcorn and watch.

I came back to add that I've been pondering this since I blogged it yesterday. I have to admit that I almost fantasize about the idea. I have no savings or investments in American dollars, so I have little to lose. Since we're on the Northern border I imagine we might be taken over by Canada. If so, we'd automatically get Universal Healthcare. I drool at the thought of that. I imagine having to fly a different flag. How weird would that be??



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