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Saturday, January 17, 2009

College: the big rip-off!

I tip my hat to 20/20 for doing this story last night. College is sooo overrated. Sooooo over priced. My generation was told that of course we'd go to college, and just sign on the dotted line and take out all these loans. They didn't tell you that these loans will hang over your head for the rest of your life. That they are the only loan you can't write off in bankruptcy. That the government will even take their money back from your social security checks. It's a horrible catch 22 we've created. The bachelors degree of today is the high school diploma of yesterday. You can't even get an interview without that degree. Yet, it means little more than that too. But the cost is astronomical!!

I don't write this as any kind of personal sob story. I have almost no student loans myself. I consider myself lucky. But I speak for so many of my friends who got royally screwed. I know we will be giving our children much different advice than we got. We will lead our kids into apprenticeships, trade schools, or inexpensive college degrees with big payouts. (Like my community college degree in nursing).

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